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    Pahadi Hand Knitted Socks for Adult – Black

    • The 3 H’s Handmade in the Himalayas by Happy Ladies
    • Fair Trade – Officially certified with the Fair Trade Federation. This means that our artisans are well cared for and our supply chain is held accountable
    • Give Back – A portion of net profits help support local Knitters in Kullu Region of Himalaya
    • Vegan – A blend of 80% acrylic and 20% nylon means these are 100% Vegan
    • No Itch – Our special blend maintains the warmth of a wool sock, but without the itch!
    • Long Lasting – The durability of our yarn means these socks will outlast any adventure you take them on
    • Velvety Soft and Warm – Perfect for curling up with a book or relaxing around a campfire
    • Indigenous Designs – Indigenous to the local Himalayan people, these designs are passed from mother to daughter. To learn more read the origin story below.


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